- Expat Accountant in Prague. Overview of Accountancy and Business Services.

Hello and Welcome,

We are pleased you have found your way to,
your one-stop shop for all your (business) needs in Czech Republic.
Who we are:
Alexio is a team of experts in various fields (accounting, tax, legal, company formation, visa / residence permit), offering services with a reasonable pricetag.

* We do not 'just sell you a service' and leave it up to you to figure out what next,

* We talk to you in plain English - no guessing what we are trying to say,

* we are as much as you are allergic to "promise, promise and do nothing",

* In case you come to us with a problem, we will solve it quickly for you,

* We operate as your partner, actively helping you do business in CZ,

* A good accountant or consultant save you money instead of costing money.

The best thing to do is to talk to us in the early stages. A good start is half the job, and we'll make sure your business (a company, a živnostenský list, or simply as employee) will make an excellent start.

Many (fresh) entrepreneurs struggle to understand the Czech system, and often run unintentionally into problems. Therefore, as part of our accountany service we give you training, examples and templates FOR FREE to avoid the problems mentioned above.

Even when you're just considering starting a business or živnostenský list, Contact us!

The first consultation is free of charge and we'll even come to you! (in Prague)

We know what it means to be foreigner in Czech Republic; we are expats ourselves!

The Alexio team. - Expat Accountant in Prague. Overview of Accountancy and Business Services.

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