Starting business in Prague?

If you need to start the business in Prague or in Czech republic, you don't have to setup the company or S.R.O., you can simply ask for tradelince!

With trade license you can still turn millions and even have an employees.

There is a great website containing all the information in English what you need to setup everything,

A Tradelicense is called "Živnostenský list"
in the Czech language

A Tradelicense is easier, cheaper and faster to setup (and stop) than an s.r.o. (a company)

"Tradelicense" does not have to mean "small business", you can have a turnover of millions and even employees

You can have a Tradelicense and be employee at the same time, or put it on hold while you're employee

With a Tradelicenses you probably pay far less taxes and are able to deduct more than an employee.

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