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WOW Comment what ya think!!

Someone just commented saying im a tool, loser, jerk and a retard for jumping on Kanye for a mistake and this is my reply for him and comments like his:

" At his aged, jumping on a stage and grabbing a mic out of a 19 year old girls hand to tell millions of people( on a show that he does not run ) she didn't deserve the award is not a mistake. Its a glimpse of his Morals and values not to mention principles. Sorry i might love some singers but i don't worship them. If anything is to be worshiped, its the 3 things he showed he didn't have on that stage. Good Morals, Values And Principles. Good day. "

Haha It would be funny if after Obama won Bush came on the stage and said " You get a chance to give your acceptance speech in a sec but hey MCCAIN HAD THE BEST CAMPAIGN AND IDEAS EVER!! " hahah I'm silly

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